Choices Fall 2014 Lecture Series

February 5th, 2015 Choices Foundation for Health Education and Research presents the 5th talk of its winter 2014 public health and wellness lecture series being held on Thursday evenings. Dr. Devin Mikles will present at the Sedona Public Library on the topic of PTSD on Thursday February 5th, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Dr. Mikles will give an overview of the extensive research his team has been gathering on the physiological changes that occur in PTSD and evidenced based information on alternative and complementary care practices for augmenting psychological treatment of this mind/body condition. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in knowing the underlying physiological changes that occur in PTSD and how nutrient and lifestyle changes can be optimized to help improve the condition.

January 8th, 2015 Choices Foundation for Health Education and Research presents the 4th talk of its winter 2014 public health and wellness lecture series being held on Thursday evenings. Dr. Anna Wolyn will present on the topic of “Why do we need detox?” on Thursday January 8th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Sedona Public Library. Dr. Wolyn will outline the prevalence of environmental toxic exposure and the health consequences from increased body burden. She will discuss factors that make us more susceptible, the role of enzymes and nutritional and supplemental support for the 3 phases of detoxification.Dr. Anna Wolyn follows a functional medicine approach utilizing integrative and conventional treatments. She sees patients (all ages) with chronic problems including GI issues, hormonal problems , chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia , migraine headaches, ADHD, ASD, obesity, thyroid disorders, metabolic syndrome, allergies, asthma, MS, autoimmune disorders and many others.  Dr. Wolyn was trained in DAN! Protocol and develops individualized treatments for each patient.

November 6, 2014 Choices Foundation for Health Education and Research presents the 3rd talk of its 2014 series on November 6th at the Sedona Public Library.  Bonnie Elkhair NP will present on the topic of diabetes management. Nearly 10% of all adult Americans have diabetes. As we age, more of us become affected by the disease. About 25% of Americans age 65 and older have diabetes. An estimated 8 million Americans have undiagnosed diabetes.Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, and presence of diabetes increases risks for our leadings causes of death, heart attacks, strokes, cancers.  Uncontrolled diabetes sickens our vital organs with severity that can decrease quality of life, even causing some to say they dread longevity. Blindness, limb amputations, and kidney failure requiring dialysis are examples of common complications of uncontrolled diabetes.In addition to causing physical and emotional suffering, uncontrolled diabetes costs Americans financially an estimated $176 billion per year in direct medical costs, and $69 billion per year in reduced productivity. Preventing, detecting, and managing diabetes are challenges best approached by recognizing diabetes as a family disease, even as a community disease. The science of recognition and management of diabetes has evolved to allow targeted disease prevention, earlier detection, and a range of tolerable disease management regimens. Join us on the first Thursday in November (6th) at the Sedona Library, 6:30 PM, to learn more about the disease of diabetes, diabetes prevention, diabetes detection, and choices in diabetes management options. This presentation is free and open to the public. Donations to support the foundation activities are welcome.

October 2, 2014  Choices Foundation for Health Education and Research presents the 2nd talk of its 2014 public health and wellness lecture series being held monthly at the Sedona Public Library.  Homeopath, Jana Shiloh will present on the topic of vibrational medicine. When emotional challenges occur in our lives, very few people are aware of the power of vibrational medicine to move them more gracefully and easily through these inevitable events.  Often the hardest emotional changes turn into our greatest blessing; but first we must grow through them. Surfing these waves, and benefiting from our growth through the process is made possible, and easier using the power and support of vibrational medicine. It assists with transformation, rather than suppressing emotions as conventional drugs do. Jana Shiloh M.A., homeopath, CCH, HMA has over 30 year’s of experience in this field. She will surprise you with some creative solutions to these challenges. Come to enjoy a fun filled evening with an interactive experience. This informative talk will be on Thursday October 2nd from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Sedona Public Library located at 3250 White Bear Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336.

September 4th, 2014  Schizophrenia: A Functional Medicine Approach to Treatment Presented by Dr. Devin A. Mikles, MD. New scientific and genetic information that allows for a more rational approach to managing schizophrenia is now available. This program outlines the underlying molecular and genotypic causes of the disease process, making use of cutting edge application of both nutritional and pharmaceutical means to alter the disease manifestations, and make life more bearable for patients and their caregivers. This program will provide simple and practical insights that direct the recipient to resources for dealing with this life-altering illness. Sedona Public Library. September 4th, 2014 at 6:30 – 7:30 PM. Open and free to the public.

Choices 2014 lecture series will begin September 4 and will be held monthly. Stay tuned for announcements of our selected topics. These lectures will be held at the Sedona Public Library to accommodate the larger crowds of people that came last year!

Choices Foundation Lecture

May 13, 2014  Pesticides and their actions on the human body: natural protectants to preserve cellular function by Peggi Cross PhD. At the Verde Valley Garden Club May meeting. Located at the 7th Day Adventist on Willard and Mingus. Free to the public with donations for the foundation accepted.

 Choices Winter 2013 Lecture Series

Lectures are open and free to the public from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Donations to support the foundation activities are welcome.

Winter 2013 Lecture Series

November 7, 2013      UV Blood Irradiation and Ozone Treatment:  A  History of Use and Applications, Devin A. Mikles, MD.  

November 14, 2013    Breast Health: How to prevent disease, Bonnie Elkhair, FNP.

November 21, 2013     Holiday Gift of Life: Experience 7 surprises that will light up your health beginning right now, Beverly Coleman, MPH, LAc.

December 5, 2013    Oh, my aching back! Mary DeRose, DC.

December 12, 2013    Pesticides: A history of use and impacts to human health, Peggi Cross PhD and Why choose organic in food and personal care? Devin A. Mikles, MD.

December 19, 2013    Why choose homeopathy for emotional and physical issues? Jana Shiloh, MA, CCH, HMA (NA) .

January 9, 2014   How do we measure wellness: Getting the most from your annual wellness visit, Bonnie Elkhair, FNP.

January 16, 2014   Beginning a daily exercise routine, Kris Metzler, PT.

January 23, 2014   Alpha Lipoic Acid: History and use as adjunct treatment in disease, Peggi Cross PhD and Devin A. Mikles, MD.

January 30, 2014    Why do we need detox? Anna Wolyn, MD.

February 6, 2014    Preventive care for radiation exposure, Devin A. Mikles, MD.

February 13, 2014    The impact of GMO foods on personal and global health, Devin A. Mikles, MD.

February 20, 2014    Why can’t I get my shoes on? Kris Metzler, PT.

February 27, 2014     Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for women and men, Anna Wolyn, MD.

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