Traditional homeopathy stimulates the body into healing itself (see list below). Jana Shiloh has developed a special process called HeartFusion™ whereby a specific trauma or core issue is turned into a personalized remedy. The most unusual aspect of homeopathy is the ability to address the emotional and physical conditions simultaneously. She believes there is no illness that is not somehow rooted in or connected to emotional issues. This is something that is not handled in western medicine except by the addition of psychotropic drugs.

Homeopathy is well known to treat grief (death in the family, divorce, loss), depression, anger, old traumas and abuse,  irritability, ADD, ADHA, and fears, etc. without side effects. When drugs are ineffective, or an alternative method is preferred, homeopathy is an excellent choice. The following are some additional conditions to consider for homeopathic care:

Homeopathy- is it for you as an adjunctive therapy? It can be used in conjunction with more traditional drugs too.

Homeopathy is unique- it is a system of healing different than drugs or herbs. It stimulates the body to heal itself by reflecting back to the body what is out of balance. This result is the body’s response to rebalance itself. Responses can be  immediate and dramatic. Homeopathic treatment can be compatible with regular allopathic medicines, chiropractic, physical  therapy and acupuncture.

Since Ms. Shiloh works closely under Dr. Mikles as his licensed Homeopathic Medical Assistant, all treatments are under his supervision and are covered by insurance.

Emotional Issues: Any condition which is clearly rooted in emotional distress or trauma is a great candidate for homeopathy. It is the British Royal Family’s first choice in medicine.

Pre and post-operative conditions: homeopathy is great to help you heal. Everyone should use remedies before and after surgery. They will reduce post-operative pain dramatically and speed healing!

Chronic Pain Management of all kinds.

Injuries to tendons and ligaments– sprains, bruising, pulled muscles, burns, bites puncture wounds and trauma to nerves and spine all respond quickly to homeopathy.

Poisonous bites including brown recluse and black widow, also scorpions. And puncture  wounds  from Agave, cactus etc. are very effectively treated.

Acute Illnesses: Viral as well as bacterial (and often even Shingles) infections can be dramatically resolved with homeopathy with no side  effects. It can be used in addition to antibiotics, or instead, if antibiotics are not working and repeated doses have been ineffective. Even serious infections can be treated additionally with homeopathy.

Hormonal and Female Issues:  Like PMS and menstrual irregularities, and other related issues. Deep chronic core issues have responded well to homeopathy. It is effective with all age groups.

Coming off of Medications, non-prescription medications, and recreational drugs and alcohol: Side effects can be reduced dramatically or can be avoided completely with homeopathic  treatment. This includes side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.

An hour and half appointment is necessary to see Jana Shiloh for the first time. Any Choices patient can make an appointment with her. Please contact Choices Integrative Healthcare of Sedona at 928-203-4844 for more information.

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