Choices team covers a variety of health issues in the newsletter which includes literature reviews of recent evidenced based studies on supplements, nutrition and lifestyle practices as well as alternative therapies.

Choices Healthy Views Newsletters (Topic of Focus / Date)

Focus on Obesity Choices Newletter 2nd quarter 2016 (Click here to open)

My Favorite Remedies Choices Q3 Newletter 2015 (Click here to open)

Detoxification Choices Q2 2015 Newsletter  (click here to open)

Weight Loss Choices Q1 2015 Newsletter (click here to open)

Healthy Aging.  Choices Newsletter December 2014 (click to open)

Stress and anxiety. Choices Newsletter November 2014 (click to open)

Sinus health. Choices Newsletter October 2014 (click to open)

Cold and flu.  September 2014 Newsletter (click to open)

Headaches. Choices Newsletter August 2014 (click to open)

Diabetes. Choices Newsletter July 2014 (click here to open)

Heart Health.  Choices Newsletter June 2014  (click here to open)

Weight Loss and Tax Deductions for Supplements  Choices Newsletter May 2014 (click here to open)

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